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Tanner's Concept is
Unchanged & Unchallenged

Here's how to stop air line freeze-ups: Introduce a few drops of a Tanner De-icant into your air line using a Tanner Dispenser. A Tanner Dispenser precisely delivers a Tanner De-icant:
That's a Tanner System!

Easy to Size
Easy to Install
Easy to Use

Tanner is the Answer to the Aggravation & Cost of Compressed Air Line Freeze-Ups.

How Much Does a Tanner
System Cost?

The only costs are the purchase of the Tanner Dispenser and the Tanner De-icant as needed. Starting at a few hundred dollars, a Tanner System is far less costly than expensive air dryers. The truly important comparison, however, is to the enormous cost of being shut down!

Tanner History
Jon Watkins President of Tanner Systems, Inc. quotes: "Many industries use compressed air as a primary source of power. Too often, the air lines freeze-up. The result is very costly a shut down. My great grandfather, Ernie Watkins, first solved this problem in 1928 for the Northland Transportation Company (later Greyhound). Since then, many industries all over the world have been using our simple, safe, inexpensive and effective system for stopping air line freeze-ups."

Tanner Systems Applications

Tanner Systems, Inc.


Compact T-series De-Icers - 3/4" to 2"

De-Icant Fluids - Tannergas, No-Tox2, Frosto

Tanner Tanks - 3" to 6"

Tri-fluid Injectors


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