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Air Lines Up to 2" — Big De-Icers in Small Packages.

These Tanner Dispensers are designed for use in air lines up to two inches and require no electricity.
They are of all-metal construction, adjustable to set the de-icant feed rate and are fillable under pressure.
For use only with Tannergas® Freeze-Ban or No-Tox2®. They are truly Big Dispensers in Small Packages!

  •  Uses Tannergas/Freeze-Ban or No-Tox2 only
  •  Engineered for use with air lines up to two inches.
  •  Compact design for easy installation.
  •  Equally effective with electric or engine-powered services
  •  Low Maintenance
  •  Stationary or portable applications
  •  Durable, safe & dependable
  •  Five Models




Which Tanner® Compact Dispenser is right for you?



Tanner Compact De-Icant Dispenser Specifications


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